Private Academic Tutoring

Admissions Coaching

Undergraduate Applications

The Common Application’s personal statement has become a critical component of any college application. Beyond test scores and grades, this is an opportunity to show admissions committees who you are as an individual. As the number of college applicants is at its height, admissions essays are a distinguishing factor of any application. Admissions committees have come to expect high caliber writing, and there is a strict protocol regarding subject matter, writing style, and word limit. Therefore it is essential that students strike the right balance in their essays in order to present themselves as strong candidates. Additionally, most colleges require individual essay supplements. With extensive college lists, students are often saddled with multiple essays during the first semester of senior year and require in depth coaching and editing. The aim in essay coaching is to elicit a student’s own voice so the final piece is both an authentic reflection of the student’s individuality and uniqueness as well as an outstanding piece that will capture the attention of admissions committees.


First semester seniors also must balance regular coursework, AP classes, college visits as well as fall SAT’s and ACT’s. In admissions coaching we work with seniors on both academic tutoring to maintain first semester grades and in raising scores for the final round of standardized tests.


Graduate School Applications

Applications for graduate school programs each have a specific format, generally requiring one primary essay as well as multiple supplementary essays for individual programs. A successful secondary essay demonstrates in depth knowledge of a graduate program and current research associated with the school. Admissions coaching is offered for medical school, business school, law school as well as specialized graduate school programs including fashion design, social work, and clinical psychology.