Private Academic Tutoring


Students are currently balancing a greater workload than before with the variety of subjects and tests that are required, and many students struggle with test taking anxiety and low confidence which adversely affects performance.  This approach is centered around confidence building and is particularly effective in helping students who tend to panic or have specific learning styles.  Students are taught how to manage pre-test anxiety and to build on strengths so they are able to approach the material calmly.  Additionally, in preparing for standardized tests, students are introduced to a special set of skills which are often not acquired in the classroom and the necessary techniques to maximize points in each section.


Experience has shown that students respond more readily to an individualized approach than to the preset programs offered by agencies.  Sessions are tailored to the student's specific needs and individual learning style, and as a result students become more confident test takers, more motivated to do the work and more aware of their strengths.  This unique approach has produced dramatic overall improvements and substantial grade and score increases.  Students have less fear around tests and schoolwork and are encouraged to achieve their potential.